The Afterlife Connection
Reader Reviews


4 stars from me. This is such an unusual book and so hard to pin a rating on, but I’ve settled on 4 stars because the story telling and writing ability were excellent.

It lost a star because of the old-fashioned additions of readers hooks – like the last two lines on page 20, personally I’d delete all of them! Also for the continued acceptance of infidelity. I don’t really know what that was meant to add to the book, evidence of forgiveness maybe? I don’t know, but for me it just detracted from the characters and their lives rather than adding anything.

The book poses a wonderful ideal for life after death; the idea of Midway Manor with its incredible data room and Reunion Valley where you can catch up with lost loved ones is delightful.

I found Stardust Dads to be a really sweet and enjoyable read, it’s life-affirming message is clear as is the message not to bank on the afterlife but to enjoy the short time we each have on Earth. It is very well written and easy to read, I think this is a real achievement especially given that it is written by a husband and wife team. Personally I couldn’t see any conflict in styles and I would’ve guessed it was written by one person.

Given the premise this could have been a patronising, mushy tale but it wasn’t, it was a descriptive, entertaining and a very charming book. It isn’t a genre I would usually tend to select but I still found it a really good read and actually read it in just 2 days, which shows how keen I was to keep turning pages! I think David and Josephine George could easily turn their hand to romance novels or crime novels and fit in very nicely on the mainstream shelves. Lisa Hall, Reviewer,


"Remember those great old movies about spirits who either become temporarily earthbound or who help out a mortal who is in need? Well, Stardust Dads is a modern version, updated into the computer era, and as it sometimes was in the movies, the spirit – or in this case, spirits – are relatives. Who wouldn't want their dad and the dad of their significant other to be watching over them, trying to guide their lives so they can achieve happiness? But sometimes – actually most times – even with a touch of divine intervention, life takes its wrong turns, invoking the need for extra courage and sacrifice on the parts of the mortals. These life crisis events are a significant element of this novel, along with delving into the background and reasons that formulated those wrong turns. A really nice family story that makes you hope there is a Midway Manor." –Jack Vikara, Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania (Goodreads) [Author of three novels, The Vandals, Adjuster and National Defense, and one novella, Auld Lang Syne.]

"Oh my GOD! I started reading Stardust Dads last night and could not put it down. I just finished reading it and I have tears in my eyes as I write this e-mail. This book really touched my heart. I have been missing some very dear friends and relatives lately and have been reading books about the AFTERLIFE, but Stardust Dads really hit home with me! I know it is "fiction," but on so many levels, I believe it to be true. It gives me great comfort to know that my loved ones are happy and content. Knowing that I will see them again, along with my beloved dogs, just makes my heart swell with love and affection. Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful book with the world. I plan to share it with many of my friends who also believe that there is something more to look forward to after we transition from this world.... I am still smiling from reading the last pages of the book. I was shouting as I was reading and my husband thought that I was going nuts! I cannot begin to tell you how much reading Stardust Dads has done for me. I plan to share it with my grief counselor next month when I return for a visit.... Stardust Dads filled a void in my heart. I KNOW that my loved ones are checking up on me in their very own Midway Manor. The others are celebrating in Reunion Valley, and my heart is singing in Ypsilanti, Michigan! Again, thank you for making me feel such happiness and joy!" –Karla Knighton-Beatty, Ypsilanti, Michigan

"As a voracious reader I am always on the lookout for something different and unexpected. `Stardust Dads' is all that. It is a heart-warming and optimistic tale, reflecting the recent upsurge of interest in the paranormal which, some say, is to be expected as we move towards a universal spiritual awakening around 2012. Whether you are a believer or not, it is a hugely enjoyable read, with just enough of the erotic and thriller genre to add spice." –Ross Bryant, UK #books #bookreview

"Stardust Dads: The Afterlife Connection, a novel by David and Josephine George, is a mystical adventure that gives the term 'soul mates' new meaning. This is a love story in more ways than one.
     "Mickey Parks and Lloyd Wallace meet at a place called Midway Manor after their untimely deaths. Mickey loves to strum his guitar and Lloyd enjoys playing the piano. They soon make beautiful music together and become good friends. Their favorite song to play is 'Stardust.' 
Mickey has a daughter named Allison and Lloyd has a son named Danny. The dads start talking about the young adult children they left behind. They come up with an idea to use the computers in the Data Room at Midway Manor to monitor and manipulate the lives of their children. Mickey and Lloyd are successful in arranging for Danny and Allison to meet – it was love at first sight, of course. Danny and Allison's relationship is truly a match made in heaven.
     "Mickey and Lloyd also have a plan to send their children some valuable knowledge that would make them very rich if they published it in a book. Danny and Allison buy a brand-new computer and soon receive a very strange e-mail message. Sure enough, Mickey and Lloyd are able to communicate with their children and tell them all about Midway Manor.
     "Danny and Allison use the e-mail messages to write a novel about Midway Manor. This book becomes very popular because it seems to provide proof of life after death. Unfortunately, a mentally impaired religious fanatic is offended by the book and decides to kill Danny and Allison.
     "No, the story does not have a tragic ending but you will have to read the details for yourself.
     "It took me several weeks to read this book because of illness and family activities. I kept coming back to this book because it was like one of those songs that you just can't get out of your head. This is a good fiction story that promotes the theme that life and love are eternal." –Janette Fuller, Houston, Texas


"The idea that our loved ones can manipulate and watch over us is so heartwarming and touching. I enjoyed this book, more so than I thought I would. Stardust Dads is a story that will make you think about what happens after you die, but does so without being preachy. I liked the idea that our earthly journeys can be shaped and guided by those that loved us and knew us the best. As a person who has gone through the loss of a very close loved one, I could relate with Allison and her struggles moving on after the loss of her father. I teared up a few times during this book. The struggles and difficulties faced by Allison and Danny are heartbreaking and realistic. I think that the writers are talented and know how to craft a tale that is inspiring and exciting. They know how to combine action and drama and pull you along with the characters. Stardust Dads is an excellent read that I think everyone can relate to. Stardust Dads is an excellent and emotional story. –Melissa Caldwell, Anniston, Alabama


"What an extremely captivating read. The story was so well-written and so involved that I felt as if I were there watching the lives (and the afterlives) of the characters being played out. With laughter, tears and curiosity, I was hooked from beginning to end and very disappointed to have reached the last page. This story left me wanting more. Bravo to you, David and Josephine. I look forward to reading more of your work." –Danyell Padgett, Las Vegas, Nevada

"I've been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. I couldn't put it down, and I normally only read business mags. A very interesting story and very, very well-written." –Lawrence Chiarella, Redwood City, California

"Fantastic!!!! I read your book over the holidays, and like Chris Edwards also said, I could hardly put it down to do anything else. I always assumed you were a great writer; now I know for sure. This was such a fascinating story, and I hope the part about the animals will be true too. I liked the fact you wrote a bit about the couple being threatened for their lives, as there really are some crazy people out there. Hope it will be very successful for you and Jo. Great, great story. Also, I hope you are working on another book, as I can hardly wait to read it. Again, congratulations!!!!!" –Zoe Mayes, Las Vegas, Nevada

"Whenever I read something written by someone I know, I'm always worried about not liking it – or worse, thinking it's godawful. How can I be honest without being insulting? This was not the case with your novel, Stardust Dads. I can honestly say you kept me up late a couple of nights reading – just one more chapter. The premise was clever and the third-person omniscient voice was ideal to tell the story – as if Fate himself were narrating the events. I've always liked giving titles to chapters, which also added to the fated series of events. There was just enough humor ('Elvis had indeed left the building') to keep the story light, which was a perfect balance to the plot. You were even able to slip in personal interests such as naming Tales from the Crypt (albeit the HBO show rather than the comic book). I kept thinking of Richard Matheson's What Dreams May Come, which is high praise indeed." –Tim Karter, Las Vegas, Nevada"

"Finally – A wonderful premise not ruined by the book itself! Wow! So often I read the book jacket and am intrigued enough by its contents to purchase the book. Equally as often, I am disappointed that such a wonderful premise was destroyed by the author's failure to take the premise and follow it through to an enjoyable and thought-provoking read. I am pleasantly surprised that these newcomers, David R. George and Josephine C. George, have managed to accomplish this. Either these are two lucky people, or two as yet undiscovered authors well on their way to the New York Times Bestseller's List! Not only do these unknown newcomers take us on a BELIEVABLE journey, they actually challenge us to make decisions about our own personal beliefs (and hopes) about what may exist and wait for us in the next world and life. My bet is this will be EVERYONE'S must-read book when word gets out! ARE YOU LISTENING, OPRAH? – You may want to book these two authors FAST!" –K.S., New Jersey

"An entertaining story of life after death. Stardust Dads is the touching story of two fathers in the afterlife who discover a loophole allowing them to communicate with their children. At times touching and suspenseful, this well-crafted novel evokes memories of loss and longing in a really original way. They bring hope and curiosity to life after death and allow us to question the notion of destiny. The Georges make the story seem plausible and the characters really leap off the page. Both have a long history with fiction writing and they are clearly at the top of their game with this novel. I couldn't put it down. Here's to hoping we haven't heard the last from these two terrific storytellers." –Zach Brockhouse, Las Vegas, Nevada

"The premise of Stardust Dads is one of the most intriguing I've read. It depicts two fathers in the afterlife who get in touch with their earthbound adult children by using the Internet. The fathers meet in a place on their way to heaven called Midway Manor, where they play music together. One of the songs they play most often is 'Stardust.' This book is so captivating I couldn't put it down. In my opinion, this is a must-read for everyone."Vickie Erickson, Las Vegas, Nevada

Stardust Dads has every element I find in the best sellers I read, with the added bonus of a really different story line. Anyone who's ever lost a parent should read this book. I loved it." –Gary Friedrich, creator of Ghost Rider, St. Louis, Missouri