The Afterlife Connection
Free Preview

     Allison screamed as she sat in front of her computer screen. “Danny! My God! It’s my dad ... your dad!”
     “What’re you talking about?” Danny looked over Allison’s shoulder and read some of the words on the screen. “Nah. It’s gotta be some kind of sick joke or something.”
     “Wait!” Allison cried as Danny began to walk away. “You need to read the whole thing. It’s real, damn it!” Allison trembled, a scared feeling coursing through her body. She silently admonished herself, wondering how she could be frightened by her own father.
     “Come on, sweetie, do you hear yourself? It can’t possibly be real. Get rid of it now,” he insisted, “or the white coats will be coming to pick you up.” Then Danny circled back toward Allison, planting a kiss on the top of her head in an effort to take back his impulsive harsh words.
     In disbelief, Danny watched as Allison composed herself and clicked on Reply.