The Afterlife Connection

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We're David and Josephine George, authors of Stardust Dads: The Afterlife Connection.

Elsewhere on this site are pages that focus on our backgrounds, as well as the "story behind the story," but there are other reasons that prompted us to write this book.

In today's era of 76 million 50-plus folks moving headlong toward the inevitable, along with the millions more sons and daughters they'll leave behind, it's no wonder that there is so much passionate interest in what awaits us after we leave here. Successful Hollywood movies like Dragonfly, Frequency, Defending Your Life and The Sixth Sense; TV dramas like Medium and John Edward's Crossing Over; and books such as The Five People You Meet in Heaven, all motivated us to turn inexplicable moments of our own reality into fiction and write Stardust Dads.


The book is intended to be a smile-inspiring, life-affirming, feel-good story offering readers a chance to open their hearts and minds and accept the connection that can never be broken. Stardust Dads is a fictional yet uncannily convincing journey to the afterworld. It is a story that evolved from our own personal losses back in the 1970s, a story that focuses on the strong, never-ending attachment bond between father and son/daughter, and the haunting melody of the song "Stardust."


The world has changed. What was once considered the province of mystics and hucksters is now being worked on by the finest minds on the planet. No longer is the subject of an afterworld looked upon with ridicule and disbelief. Serious studies are cited in Dr. Gary E. Schwartz's The Afterlife Experiments and Dr. Sam Parnia's What Happens When We Die, both recently published books regarding groundbreaking research into the nature of consciousness survival after death.


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